The Real Reasons That People Love Winter

What every Monday morning in February feels like

I’m sure you know at least one of them: those annoyingly happy people who gush endlessly when the first snowflakes appear. They love winter and want you to know it. For those of us who become more and more depressed as the mercury drops, this behavior is very hard to fathom. Sure, I can understand hockey players and skiers liking this time of year, but just loving winter in general? It just does not compute.

Here are the real reasons why I think some people claim that they love the six months of ice and snow:

They Like Huddling Inside

Sure, people say they love winter, but they also go on about how cozy it is to sit inside by a warm fire and hibernate. If winter is so great, why are you spending so much time inside? Oh, I know: because it’s bloody freezing out there!

An Excuse to Be Alone

See They Like Huddling Inside

Winter = An Excuse to Slack

How many times have you heard, “I was going to head to the gym today, but the roads were just too slippery.” Or “It’s a Snow Day and no school, so I’m going back to bed.” If they are feeling especially lazy and don’t want to do anything outside their home, winter provides a convenient excuse that is tough to argue with.

OK, yes, I’m being silly and sarcastic. I will admit that outside of the holiday shopping period, I do actually prefer the slower pace one typically encounters during the winter. And yes, a Christmas get together with family and friends can indeed be lovely. Christmas mornings with your children can also provide the sort of memories that bring a smile to your face.

All of that said, the best Christmas present for me is the one that always arrives three months late: spring.

Custom Home Builders?


It can be quite enticing to buy an older home, but those fixer-uppers can actually be a nightmare. What seem like simple enough repairs can turn out to be much more extensive than first thought. That can lead to a drain on your time and, more importantly, your finances.

So, you have decided to build a new home instead? Good move! However, the choice is not always cut and dried here either. Some builders are better than others and some do a better job with certain styles of homes than others. Your input in the process can sometimes be limited and that hardly seems fair when you are making an investment that will cost you a great deal of money.

One way you can make your input clearly known is by choosing a prefabricated home. This way you can choose from quite a few different designs and select the one that reflects your tastes and ambitions for the home.

Prefabricated homes in Ontario are also an excellent choice because of the climate. The various sections are manufactured completely indoors and then transported to the site and assembled. This is much faster than building a structure from scratch outdoors where weather can delay things considerably.

Don’t be fooled by this convenience, however. There are no compromises involved when you purchase a prefabricated home. They look every bit as nice as a traditionally built structure, are just as durable, and possess a resale value comparable to any house that has been maintained properly by its owners. Chances are you have driven by and admired many prefabricated houses without even realizing that they were manufactured in sections at a factory.

There are a number of excellent custom home builders that specialize in prefabricated houses. Ask around, do some research, and you will likely be highly satisfied with the home you select.